Command Help


ID: admin

Name Description
adminrole manage the Ardent admin role in your server
announce schedule announcements on this server
clear clear embeds and messages from a channel
defaultrole set a role that new members will receive when they join
disablecommand prevent a command from being used in this server CAVEATS: admin commands, along with /help and /suggest, __cannot__ be disabled
disablemodule prevent a module from being used in this server CAVEATS: the admin and info modules __cannot__ be disabled
joinmessage set a message shown to users when they join
kick kick someone out of the server
lang view and change Ardent's language in your server
leavemessage set a message shown when users leave
manage manage your server using the Ardent dashboard
mute mute users for a specified period of time
prefix see, add or remove a prefix
unmute unmute users in your server


ID: ardent

Name Description
2018 learn about Ardent
invite invite Ardent to your server!
message message users - for bot developers only :)
patreon help support our monthly hosting costs <3
status see realtime statistics about the bot
suggest suggest something to the Ardent team!
support get support - join the Ardent server!
website get the url for Ardent's website!


ID: fun

Name Description
8ball need an answer to a question? can't decide? ask the Ardent magic 8-ball
calculate evaluate expressions fast and simply in Discord - even with variables!
coinflip let chance decide!
fml having a bad day or want to laugh at someone else's expense?
fortune get one of those classic unix fortunes!
gif shows you a random gif from Giphy
nick give yourself a nickname. functions exactly the same as /nick on Android
nickme let Ardent give you a cool new randomly-generated nickname!
random get a random number or option
roll roll a die
translate translate what you want to say to a different language!
urban get word definitions from the Urban Dictionary!


ID: games

Name Description
accept accept an invitation to a game
bet bet some money - will you be lucky?
blackjack start a game of blackjack - inside Discord!
cancel cancel a game in lobby
connect4 play connect 4 - inside Discord!
decline decline a pending game invite
gameinvite invite people to your game!
gamelist display all currently running games
join join a game in lobby
leavegame Leave a game in lobby
slots start slots games!
start manually start a game
tictactoe start a game of Tic Tac Toe - inside Discord!
trivia start a game of trivia


ID: info

Name Description
getid get the id of a mentioned role, text channel, or user!
help get command help
online see online/offline statistics about other users or see who's online!
ping get Ardent's ping
roleinfo view useful information about roles in this server
serverinfo view basic information about this server
whois Learn about other users


ID: music

Name Description
clearqueue clears all songs from the queue
goto use this command to go to a certain point in the currently playing track
musiclibrary reset, or play from your personal music library
pause pauses the music player
play play songs, playlists, or your personal music library!
playing shows information about the currently playing track
playlist create, delete, or play from your saved playlists
queue shows information about the current queue
removefrom remove all the tracks from the mentioned user or users
repeat repeat the track that's currently playing
resume resumes the music player
save save the currently playing track to your music library
skip skips the currently playing track
songurl gets the link for the currently playing track!
stop stop the music player and remove the queue
volume see and change the volume of the player


ID: rpg

Name Description
daily get a daily stipend of between 20 and $500 Ardent currency
divorce your marriage wasn't all you dreamed it would be?
marry marry the discord user of your dreams!
profile see a user's profile
top see who has the most money in the Ardent database