Getting started with Ardent

We're glad you decided to choose us - here are a few tips from us to help you get used to Ardent


Ardent commands by default have a prefix of / (a forward slash), changeable by typing /prefix.
You can always view a list of commands by typing /help. An example is shown below


Ardent has an amazing music system, allowing playback from Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube, among others.

To play tracks, use /play track name- You can either play tracks directly by their URL or by searching its name

Ardent also has an autoplay feature, which will play a similar track when your queue ends by running the last played track through Spotify's music recommendation engine. This is disabled by default, but you can enable it on the Ardent Web Panel by allowing Ardent to clicking here - you might need to log in and then click the Manage button on the top right!